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37 Plays

37 Plays is a new national playwriting project led by the RSC and our partner theatres. We are seeking the stories of our times: the comedies, the tragedies and the untold histories.

We are looking for contemporary plays that capture the stories of our nation.

Your play must be a complete original story, not a sample of a story or an adaptation of a story. It must not have had a professional production or be under commission at the time of submission.

Submissions will open on 3 January 2023 and close on 31 January 2023. The chosen 37 plays will be announced in April 2023.

Anyone living in the United Kingdom may enter a play and there is no fee to enter.

Your play must be predominantly in English, with a translation provided for any text not in the English language.* It must be written down and needs to be at least one A4 page but no more than 100 A4 pages, in 10 point font or above.

Submitted plays will be read by a national reading panel selected by our Associate Regional Theatres. We will announce the reading panel and the judges in January 2023.

You must submit you play according to your age: age 11 and under, 12-17 years, or 18+. For plays written by more than one person, you can either nominate a lead writer or use the average age of writers.

Please remove your name and details from the pages of your play so it can be read anonymously.

The 37 plays will be announced in April 2023 and will be performed script-in-hand, across the UK and online in autumn 2023.

All of the 37 plays that are selected will be awarded a fee for publication, performance and/or broadcast. Any submission subsequently commissioned by one of the partner theatres for production will subject to usual commission processes approved by the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain.

Submitting a play involves granting rights for its publication so please read our full terms and conditions.

*Your ideas and the story are the most important thing; spelling and grammar can be refined later, if needed. You may use a scribe or have someone transpose your play for you. For Makaton users, plays can be submitted in Communication Print with a written English translation to accompany. We welcome BSL entries (in video format) and don’t require a translation to be provided.