Experience Opportunity

Zoom Workshop: A Deeper Dive into the Meisner Technique With Scott Williams

Make an improvement in your acting with this four-day deep dive into the Meisner Technique.

Open to participants who have experience of the basics of the Meisner Technique, who are looking for a more detailed exploration and for a chance to take the techniques deeper into text with one of the industry's best.

You'll rediscover the joys of "living truthfully", and then learn how to apply those observe-and-respond muscles to scenes, using a set of simple and powerful tools directed at "the given set of circumstances." You'll finish this course with a set of tools which will work for you on your next job, and will expand your ability to act "from a state of aliveness."

The course breakdown:

Day 1 - Re-introduction to Meisner Techniques (context and history: basic principles) & repetition exercise.

Day 2 - Breaking the Back of Texts & The Text Analysis toolkit

Day 3 - Working the analysis into the text experience & directors: a user's guide

Day 4 - Staying Alive: Keeping Impulse in Play & Wrap party

Scott Williams, who worked with Meisner, is founder of The Impulse Company, and has taught these techniques all over the world for the past 40 years.