Experience Opportunity

Acting Summer School

This five-day in-person summer school explores the fundamental principles of acting and the skills and qualities required of an actor when performing on stage.

It focuses on detailed character research and development as key processes to make a believable, engaging and well rounded performance.

During the course you will work with an experienced teaching artist to create an original piece of text-based theatre. Exploring various acting techniques such as character development, improvisation, voice and movement, you will develop your own acting skills whilst working as an ensemble with other participants.

Detailed textual analysis will provide you with information and ideas for creating your own interpretation of both well- known and lesser-known characters. You will be expected to undertake some self- directed study and rehearsal as part of the course, which aims to develop your ability to work autonomously.

This course is aimed at young people aged 15 – 17 who are interested in exploring acting in a challenging and supportive environment. It is also suitable for students who may wish to pursue further study in acting in future years.

By the end of this course, students should have:

- Explored the use of the spoken word in a variety of texts

- Investigated characterisation in great depth

- Developed and refined textual analysis and performance skills

- Worked independently and collaboratively using intensive acting exercises

- Worked as part of a company to create an original performance piece for family and friends

The week will consist of workshops and a rehearsal process which culminates in an informal sharing for friends and family on the last day of the course in a Royal Conservatoire performance venue.