Experience Opportunity

Acting - Working with Text

This second level of our practical evening course training will build on the skills learnt in our introductory level class by introducing further concepts of text analysis to add into your ‘acting toolkit’.

Course content:

- Develop a understanding of the various demands of a wide range of texts from the early 20th Century through to contemporary writing

- Work on text analysis skills in order to determine the world of the play, the action and the character arc

- Learn how to make effective performance choices

- Develop compelling theatrical characters through the body, as well as via textual investigation

- Gain skills in rehearsal, stagecraft, confidence in performing to an audience and working effectively within an ensemble

- Work on developing an awareness of psychophysical tension habits and learn how to free them in order to be more present and widen creative expression through the body and imagination

Who is this course suitable for?

- Anyone that’s already taken Acting: An Introduction

- Anyone that’s completed equivalent beginner level classes elsewhere

- Those with experience of acting who want to brush up their text analysis skills