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ATG THRIVE - West End Creative Learning Programme

West End: Thrive offers a series of one-off workshops and courses in ATG’s West End community, to provide an ongoing programme of support to artists of all disciplines, with workshops led by practitioners such as Conrad Murray, Steven Kavuma, Natasha Brown and Burnt Lemon.

Whether an individual just wanting to try something new, you’re an emerging artist taking your first step into the industry, or you’re an established artist who want to develop your own practice, West End: Thrive has something for you.

From design to dance, performance to writing (and everything in between), THRIVE aims to support individuals to learn new skills, develop as an artist and to thrive.

Thrive is for those aged 16 and over and bursary spaces are available for all workshops.

Any further questions, for bursary spaces, or to hear more about the West End Creative Learning Programme please email.

ATG Creative Learning & Community Partnerships is a dynamic department which delivers a high quality programme of award winning cultural education which is locally driven, with national significance.