Experience Opportunity

Belgrade Ensemble

Be part of Coventry Belgrade – a co-created theatre, where diversity powers storytelling.

We are excited to launch the Belgrade Ensemble led by our Creative Director Corey Campbell and Associate Director Jay Zorenti-Nakhid.

The Belgrade Ensemble is a free 8-month training programme for early career performance artists looking to develop their craft alongside our creative leadership team.

This is a training opportunity for local performers interested in expanding their practice. Participants will train together and work on a range of exciting projects with the Belgrade and with other theatres nationally and internationally.

We are looking to work with local artists regionally. The training programme will be free and offer the following development opportunities:

- Technical skill in performance craft (acting and performance)

- Insight into directing, facilitating, and writing.

- Performing on one of our stages

- Training and mentoring from the Creative Director & Associate Director

- Skill-specific masterclasses from a range of practitioners

- Support to see work outside of the region.

We are looking to work with performers who are:

- Aged between 19 and 30 years old, based in the Midlands.

- Committed to pursuing a career in the arts.

- Looking to develop and deepen their performance craft and interested in exploring other skills including but not exclusive to directing, facilitating, and writing.