Experience Opportunity

Casting Session with Zyrenka Cox

During this workshop we'll delve into a number of scripts and scene work as everyone will choose sides to prep and perform as we deliver them in front of each other and gain feedback with a chance to possibly switch it up near the end and try something new! We'll leave on an informal Q & A and open up the floor to discuss anything from showreels to online auditions or even what's everyone's favourite thing to watch right now - your choice. By the end, we'll aim to come away all feeling motivated and ready to take on the following week!

About Zyrenka

Zyrenka has worked in Film/TV as well as Commercials for CD’s including Dixie Chassay, Elaine Grainger, Jessie Frost, Lucy Rands and Anna Kennedy. The latest release being Book of Love with Sam Claflin. Upcoming projects worked on are associated with Netflix, Sky, Disney, Universal and Lionsgate. Recently she has started branching out having cast a number of shorts along with a feature in development.