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Counselling for Dance Professionals from BAPAM and Dance Professionals Fund

Mental health support from BAPAM and Dance Professionals Fund

Eligible dance professionals can now access up to 6 sessions of free counselling, funded by Dance Professionals Fund and provided by BAPAM’s expert performing arts-specialist therapists.

The scheme supports those who have worked professionally for at least three years as a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer or choreologist, including retiring and retired dancers.

To find out more or book a free BAPAM health consultation click on the link(s) below.

The Monday-Friday BAPAM Helpline number is: 020 8167 4775. We are open from 9am to 5pm.

Our helpline is open to all those working in the performing arts with a mental or physical health problem relating to their occupation. Dance professionals who contact us with a mental health need can speak with our dedicated BAPAM Helpline team who will take a summary of the query and book the next available free BAPAM consultation. Our clinicians are experienced in working with creative professionals to understand issues affecting their work and plan the most effective next step in their pathway of care. If appropriate, following this consultation, a BAPAM therapist will provide up to 6 sessions of free specialist counselling.

Dance Professionals Fund supports people in the dance world throughout their lives. They are the leading UK charity offering financial assistance for individuals during their dance careers and into retirement, helping professional dancers, dance teachers, choreographers and choreologists.

BAPAM delivers expert health and wellbeing services for those working in the performing arts.

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