Experience Opportunity

Creative Quarantine

As we all suddenly find ourselves with lots of time on our hands, we’re cooking up some exciting and enjoyable creative adventures for those young and old across the globe to enjoy together. The adventures have begun! So sign up, get set and prepare to get creative!

Creative Quarantine is a series email filled with creative activities and adventures for people young and old to do in their own home. Led by a group of artists and creatives who’ve been sent home because of the coronavirus, like most of the country, we want to test what’s possible, have fun and connect with people across the world. So whilst we’re all inside our homes, let’s be as creative as possible!

We’re here for everyone – young or old! We have two different emails to ensure that we’re offering content appropriate to children and families as well as adults, so can pick your preference or receive both.

The creative tasks will be similar, but we’ll provide some extra educational features for children who are off from school, and some fruitier tasks for the adults to help alleviate the boredom of sitting at home.