Experience Opportunity


DE-MYS-TIFY Summer term runs 8 July to 9 September.

Hosted in London at BOLD Elephant, following an open application process, we will select the next cohort who will embark on a 10-week training programme to develop their performance skills and awareness of the industry.

DE-MYS-TIFY is exclusively for actors from low socio-economic backgrounds.

For the duration of the course, your Monday’s 10.30am to 2.30pm will be spent at BOLD Elephant, with industry professionals learning how to become a better actor; not just in a performance sense, although the workshops will really push you creatively, but, you will also learn the practicalities of how to navigate the daily challenges of the industry.

Our practitioners are experts in their disciplines, and accessible in their delivery style. Throughout your training, you will be supported by DE-MYS-TIFY’s Company Director, Assistant Facilitator, and Creative Producer, so that the teaching approach can be tailored to your learning style.

In addition to this, DE-MYS-TIFY have appointed a Wellbeing Practitioner to be there to support each student as they participate on the programme. We will discuss your individual needs and access requirements in advance, to ensure we are doing everything we can to facilitate your development safely.

Each student will be paid £100 for attendance at each workshop, and be given £15 per session to contribute to travel expenses.

At the end of the programme you will have assembled a toolkit of skills and resources, as well as greater knowledge for how to apply them to the industry. You will also have the opportunity to showcase your talents in two showcases - one for your friends and family, and one for invited industry.

Applications close 17 June

Auditions will be held in person on 28 June.

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