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Design Cafe

Introducing the Design Studio at NDT Broadgate.

From conception, NDT Broadgate has been a design-led project, and far and away the most exciting space at NDT Broadgate is the Design Studio.

Over the last year we've been listening to artists, in particular designers, who can be especially isolated while also shouldering many hidden costs in their practice. This design studio is a direct response to these challenges.

Consisting of 40 individual design stations and work spaces, a large group workspace, storage facilities, and a shared making space, our Design Studio is a space for independent work, a place to bring collaborators, a site for presentations and workshops, and above all, an active site for the cross-pollination of artists.

A home for freelance designers, in Central London, completely free for a whole year.

Alongside the Studio Residents, we are also opening up the rest of the studio space to be used as hot-desking space for Designers of all disciplines and experiences. We are hoping this provides a flexible workspace as an alternative to the theatre foyers, coffee shops and third spaces thaare often temporary workplaces for so many designers.

Under this model, the Design Studio will be open Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 6.00pm for designers to use.

In order to use this space, all that will be required of a Designer is to:

1. Sign up to our Designers network via this form.

2. Before you want to use it, let us know you’re coming via this form.

3. On your arrival, sign in at our reception on the 4th Floor.

4. Welcome to the studio!

In terms of eligibility, you just need to make clear that you either

- worked in a design capacity on a theatre production since January 2019


- have graduated from a theatre design course since 2019.