Experience Opportunity

Digital Adventures (on Zoom)

Digital platforms provide new and exciting ways to connect and interact with audiences - from hybrid productions that use apps to lead audiences through promenade productions, to shows that take place entirely on public pay phones.

Join our team of digital theatre makers as they discuss the remarkable work being made with free digital platforms – ones that you can download and start making work on today! The ability to build international audiences (without the airmiles) and the high-tech kit being used to explore the future of digital theatre.

Sarah Ellis will tell us how the RSC enabled audiences to flick fireflies, from the comfort of their own home, and light the way for Puck to move through Dream’s enchanted forest. Nick Murray will introduce Now Play This, London's festival of experimental game design, and his own practice making digital experiences about loss, memory and the Internet. Tassos Stevens will talk about The Golden Key and how Coney led thousands of Londoners on 12 simultaneous adventures through the streets of London, receiving calls from a helpful dragon as they went. And Matt Adams will blow our mind with Blast Theory’s Cat Royale, a new production that examines our cosy relationship with AI in a show featuring a cast of cats.