Experience Opportunity

Exploring the Landscape of Fundraising (Online)

Over the last two years, we have seen a huge shift in the sector, with many organisations increasingly depending on their fundraising teams to raise income at a time when exhibitions, productions and more could not. The ongoing repercussions of the pandemic continue and many are looking to hire fundraisers to support income revenue elsewhere. Yet we are seeing roles re-advertised with higher wages to entice applicants in an industry that is widely known to be underpaid.

This event will give attendees the opportunity to hear from our speakers about their experiences during the hiring process, negotiating salaries and how to navigate your way through the sector, followed by a Q&A.

Speakers and further details to be announced soon.

Young Arts Fundraisers is a non-profit organisation run by a team of volunteers, aiming to equip early-career and more seasoned fundraisers with appropriate skills and much-needed support networks. Donating to YAF when booking your free access to this event will greatly enhance our ability to deliver a far reaching and high-quality programme to the widest possible audience. We are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of our network.