Experience Opportunity

Generate. Germinate. Go! with Katharine Markwick

This is a workshop for writers, performers and theatre-makers looking for a playful, collaborative space to experiment with writing.

Spring has sprung. Summer’s a comin’! It’s a great time to try out new techniques and give fresh focus to an idea that’s already brewing.

Generate: in the first half of the workshop we’ll create lots of new material from scratch. We’ll draw on our visual, aural and physical experience of the world to discover plots, characters and atmospheres, and write from new and surprising angles.

Then we’ll have a short break for tea, coffee or whatever takes your fancy.

Germinate: In the second half you’ll have the space to develop, through a series of writing provocations, an unfinished piece or an idea that you’re working on: it might be something that’s at a very early stage, it might be a little more fleshed out, either is fine – just make sure it’s something you’re happy to talk about!