Experience Opportunity

Intercultural Shakespeare

Would you like to engage with Shakespeare in performance from a range of cultural perspectives? Are you interested in enriching your knowledge of familiar characters, scenes and concepts by seeing them through a new lens?

On this four-day course you will experience Shakespeare through exciting intercultural perspectives from Japanese theatre to Bollywood to African and South-Asian Diaspora. Delivered by expert practitioners and academics, it combines practical exercises with lively discussions to develop your performing skills and deepen your understanding of Shakespeare.

Throughout the course, you will participate in some of the most urgent debates about “authentic” Shakespeare and ownership of Shakespeare, experience Shakespeare in translations, gain a thorough understanding of Shakespeare in diverse cultures, and appreciate why we need to learn from and contribute to Shakespeare from intercultural perspectives. This course encourages you to see that there are many ways of interpreting Shakespeare and his characters or there are many Shakespeares and you can make him your own by reinvigorating his work within your own culture.

This course is for anyone over the age of 18 with an interest in Shakespeare. Whether you are new to his work or have loved Shakespeare for many years, this course is a great way to explore his work and discover new perspectives.