Experience Opportunity

Introduction to Shakespeare

Our exciting Introduction to Shakespeare Classes will take you into a world of poetry, disguise, heartbreak, deceit and death as you explore the world and characters of Shakespeare's theatrical masterpieces! Make sense of these classic plays in a fun, playful and inclusive environment.

This acting course is designed for those that are new to acting. We recommend that students have taken one of our beginners acting courses, or the equivalent, before doing Introduction to Shakespeare - One Day.

Using scenes, monologues and group work, this playful workshop will enable you to:

- Understand the rhythm and technique of Shakespeare’s writing - iambic pentameter
- Identify clues and imagery to liberate your performance
- Apply the use imagination and emotion within a classic text
- Take a personal approach to performing Shakespeare
- Find contemporary relevance to Shakespearean text
- Demystify Shakespeare’s plays

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