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Jazz & Blues Singing - Level 2

Our Jazz & Blues Singing Lessons - Level 2 are suitable for those with some understanding of singing technique, who wish to improve their skills while singing material drawn from the world of Jazz and Blues.

These singing courses focus on developing musicality and an emphasis on improvisation of the voice, this is the biggest asset to Jazz Music which separates it from all other genres. You will also have the opportunity to develop your listening skills, understand rhythm and timing as well as scales and rhythmic interpretation of scales to enable to the students to gain confidence in singing within a jazz style. Whatever your background, these jazz and blues classes will teach you the tools to create the perfect unified jazz sound.

The course will cover a range of carefully selected material to ensure it is challenging, varied, and above all, enjoyable.

Course content will include:

- Application of a range of vocal techniques and approaches to further develop range and improve tone.
- Developing your ability to sing in harmony within an ensemble
- Opportunities to sing solo pieces throughout the course, where students are encouraged to sing solo within the ensemble songs
- Exploring a wide range of jazz and blues songs
- Final informal sharing within class in which students will have the opportunity to share what they have learnt.
Students will typically learn 3-6 songs during the course and will receive friendly feedback from your tutor throughout the course.

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