Experience Opportunity

LYT Access (Relaxed Youth Theatre Trial)

LYT Access youth theatre classes are specifically designed for young people with additional needs aged between 7-16 who may benefit from a more relaxed youth theatre environment. This summer the Lyceum Theatre will be holding four trial sessions for participants to test out the drama classes before our September Launch!

How are the classes adapted?

Before you attend:

A 1-1 tutor meet, and greet can be arranged to get to know the staff in the class

A walk-around and tour of the space are available to familiarise participants with the environment they will be working in.

Session plans will be sent in advance of the class, so participants know that to expect week to week

In the room:

The classes have a flexible ‘welcome & exit’ , delivered activity will only last for 45 mins to an hour.

The class will have room for participants to bring their own support work/carers

The class will have a lowered capacity to allow for the room to adapt to the needs of participants.

A regular tutor will lead the session every week with some guest tutors.

Activities will be appropriately adapted to suit the pace and level of participants in the group

A quiet Break out space is offered for participants with sensory processing difficulties