Experience Opportunity

Make Music Trainee

Make Music is the name for all of The Glasshouse’s music making classes, groups, ensembles, and activities for schools and music educators. People of all ages, experience levels and backgrounds sing, play, and create with us. Whether starting from scratch or polishing some skills there’s a class, choir, band, or studio to suit everyone.

Trainees will be supported to develop their music leadership skills and inclusive practice through paid, on-the-job training and shadowing opportunities across The Glasshouse’s Make Music Programme.

The Traineeship will take place between September 2024 and April 2025.

At The Glasshouse, we encourage a working environment that’s welcoming, inclusive, and diverse. Different backgrounds, views and experiences are valued so everyone can be themselves. 

Our venue and programmes are for everyone, so we want to make sure this opportunity is available to everyone, no matter your background or the challenges you’ve faced.

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