Experience Opportunity

Mental Health First Aid in the Performing Arts

Learn how to proactively help your staff by learning more about mental health issues...

This course will increase your confidence and skills to provide support for anyone experiencing psychological distress on a first aid basis. The course is tailored for those working in the theatre industry. At the end of the course you will be a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

Suitable For:

Simply, the course is open to anyone! If you would like to increase your awareness, understand the importance of mental health issues and learn the skills to be a mental health first aider then this is the course for you.

Learning Outcomes

- Be able to identify the discrimination surrounding mental health problems.

- Be able to define mental health & some mental health problems.

- Be able to relate to people’s experiences.

- Be able to spot the signs of a wide range of common mental health issues in themselves and others around them.

- Be taught how to provide help and reassurance on a first aid basis