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Narration and the Fourth Wall Workshop

A workshop exploring narration and storytelling with Tall Stories' artistic director Toby Mitchell.

All Tall Stories shows use narration and storytelling as part of their tool kit. But what is narration – and how does it best break the fourth wall? This practical workshop aims to answer these questions and to develop your live storytelling skills.

At its simplest, narration involves a performer speaking directly to the audience to tell a story, or part of one. But a performer can also comment on the action of a scene – or the motivation of a character. And who is the narrator anyway? How does a performer switch between character acting and narration? And why can it sometimes be hard to directly address a live audience in a natural way?

Please come armed with a piece of narration that you would like to work on – it can be a narrative speech from a play, or an excerpt from a novel, or something you’ve written yourself. It can be short or mid-length (up to two minutes) – and ideally you should learn it by heart before the workshop. (It’s hard to make eye contact when you’re reading from a sheet.) There will be a maximum 12 participants in the group.

Let’s tell some stories!

Tall Stories aims to keep the fees for workshops as low as possible and fees are charged only to cover costs.

Any questions? Email Natalia.