Experience Opportunity

Studio Nouveau

Studio Nouveau is free studio space at NDT Broadgate for Black and Global Majority-led organisations or independent artists with Black and Global Majority team. We aim to fill the space with artists that are creating thought provoking, challenging and culturally inclusive work. From our past experiences of working in unsafe spaces, we are actively working towards ensuring our artists are safe and able to create their best work. At the moment we are prioritising early career artists or emerging organisations, as we know firsthand how difficult it is get started. Established artists and companies, pleased don't be put off by this! We still want to hear from you.

​NDT Broadgate is part of New Diorama Theatre's Artist Reset Programme, it's a rehearsal and artist development space for independent artists and organisations. NDT Broadgate has been possible thanks to New Diorama Theatre and British Land, in partnership with City of London, and generously supported by Arts Council England, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Jerwood Arts and Theatre Deli.

​We are currently accepting applications between the 23rd of September and 22nd of December 2021. NDT Broadgate is open 9.30am - 6pm Monday - Saturday, so you are able to book as many or as little days within these timings. We prefer if you book a block of space rather than multiple singular days.

​Please allow us up to three weeks to get back to you about the outcome of your application. We will endeavour to inform you of our decision at least three weeks before the first day you require the use of Studio Nouveau. This means you will need to apply at least six weeks in advance. To fulfil our aim of utilising Studio Nouveau as much as possible we are taking bookings on a first come first serve basis from the 23rd of September to the 15th of October.

You are eligible to apply for Studio Nouveau if you fulfil the following criteria;

​- An independent artist or organisation not in receipt of NPO funding or commercial investment

​- Majority of the team must identity as Black and/or Global Majority

​- Applying for a block of space between the 23rd of September and 22nd of December

- Have a reasonable approach to fair pay, in relation to your work or project

- Completed our equal opportunity monitoring form