Experience Opportunity


How can I make a show happen? How do I pay for it? How do I find people to be in it and work on it? How do I find an audience for it?

If you have asked yourself questions like this then you are probably interested in producing. Producers make things happen. We make things on the large and small scale, we work in venues, as freelancers and in theatres, outside, in festivals and in communities. We often start at the beginning of a project and see it all the way through. We problem solve and aim to make sure everyone and everything is okay.

The NSDF CREATES Producers project will be run my NSDF Associates Joanna Resnick and Gabby Vautier and Chair of the NSDF Board Sarah Nicholson. It is open to young people between the ages of 16 -26. The project is free and open to all, and will take place during October and November, over a 8 week period with a commitment of 1 session per week via zoom. These sessions will be on Monday evenings 19.30 - 21.00 and will begin on 4th October 2021.

We'd love for you to tell us about either a project you’re already planning or a dream show that’s only at the fantasy stage. You can answer this question in the form of; a short video, a voice note, creating an image or writing something. If you chose to make a short video or voice note all we ask is for you to keep it brief - it must be no longer than 1 minute. And for those who chose to write it, it can only cover one side of A4 paper.

Please send your applications to Ellie at ellie@nsdf.org.uk by Monday 20th September at 3pm.