Experience Opportunity

On Supporting Characters (with Simon Manyonda)

Friday 20th May, 10:30AM - 1:30PM, in-person at Arcola Theatre (24 Ashwin St, London E8 3DL)

How will it work?

This workshop in two parts run by Simon Manyonda (His Dark Materials; Barbershop Chronicles) will give you a fresh perspective on approaching supporting characters with a focus on Shakespeare's supporting characters. Over the years Simon has played many supporting roles, approaching them with the integrity and passion required to build an exciting career across stage and screen. Using both his personal practice with Susan Batson and his love of cartoons, Simon will inspire you to lift these roles off the page and create detailed and dynamic performances.

Part One: Simon will introduce you to Susan Batson, coach to the likes of Nicole Kidman and Oprah Winfrey, and the core principals from her book, Truth. You will explore Batson's process of using Need, Public Persona and Tragic Flaw to illuminate Shakespeare's smaller parts.

Part Two: On your feet. Drawing on your own childhood images of cartoons you will work physically to realise your character's Public Persona. Freeing your cliche and weight of the text, this invigorating part of the workshop will inspire you to approach character both playfully and with purpose.