Experience Opportunity

Online Audition Preparation Masterclass (Online With Annie Tyson)

Thursdays 28 October or 25 November 6-9pm, online via Zoom.

A rare opportunity to help prepare your audition speech with RADA tutor Annie Tyson. With years of experience of panel auditions Annie will investigate what makes the speech necessary at this particular moment in the play. How are you changed by the end of the speech? How can you create the specific circumstances if it's just you there? What does the speech reveal about your possibilities as an actor?

This 3hr session will look at your chosen monologue from either the contemporary or classical repertoire and will examine and explore in detail how you can make choices that will bring your text alive vividly as if spoken for the first time, to create the relationship with your imagined stage partner and to work in this online format with variation and specificity.

With the majority of first round auditions taking place online, this is perfect for those looking to audition for drama school and to work in detail on one speech with one of the industry's best.