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Online Masterclass: Mastering Character Development

This summer, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School invites you to take part in our programme of intensive short courses, each designed to broaden and sharpen your acting skills. These courses are open to anyone aged 18+ with an interest in acting – you may be starting out in acting and enjoy performing as a hobby, or a seasoned professional seeking to learn new approaches or refresh your knowledge.

Online Masterclass: Mastering Character Development, Saturday 25th May, Day course, 10:00–17:00 | £60 | Mixed Abilities, 18+

In acting, detailed character exploration is the key to transcending from performer to storyteller. Within this masterclass, you’ll discover the profound impact of immersing yourself in a character’s world, gaining the ability convey genuine emotions and creating a lasting impression on the audience.

On this course you will:

> Gain an understanding of the importance of script analysis by learning how to extract valuable information from the text to inform your character choice and actions.
> Explore the physical and vocal aspects of character portrayal, learning how body language, gestures, and voice modulation contribute to a character’s authenticity.
> Uncover how to create the psychology of character, gaining insights into the motivations, fears and desires that drive a character’s actions.
> Engage in improvisation exercises designed to unlock creativity and spontaneity and appreciate how improvisation can be used as a tool for character exploration and development.
> Put your newly-acquired skills into practice through exercises and scene work and witness how character development transforms performance.

You’ll receive constructive feedback from both the course leader and your peers. There will be opportunities to collaborate through group activities and discussion with fellow participants to refine and enhance your character development skills.

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