Experience Opportunity

OnTrack 2021

An intensive 4 week music production and promotion course for 16-25 year olds who are passionate about music and not in education, training or employment.

You will gain:

- The chance to attend intensive workshops and masterclasses led by industry professionals

- Experience in collaborative music making

- Insight and experience in how an EP is recorded and promoted, and the production and technical job roles involved

- Next steps for further education, training or employment

- Confidence, skills, a creative peer network and industry connections

- Tickets to see a live show

- Chance to perform at the roundhouse

- Free 1 year studios membership

- Lunch and travel provided. We can also cover childcare costs.

Professional musicians and producers will deliver the creative content. Roundhouse staff and industry guests will lead the industry masterclasses. Youth support workers will provide pastoral support.

We are looking for young people with a passion for music and interest in the process of making a record: songwriting, producing and promoting.

All equipment provided. Bring your passion and creativity!

Self refer or get a support worker to refer you or via the forms provided below.

All participants are supported with travel and lunch. If the project runs into the evening, dinner will also be provided. If you need further support to help pay for things like transport or childcare we may also be able to help you with our bursary scheme.

I have additional needs. Can I still take part?

Yes – please contact advicebase@roundhouse.org.uk to discuss any access requirements.

Where is the project taking place? Roundhouse Studios

For 16-25 year olds not in education or training.