Experience Opportunity

Open Castle Taster Sessions

Free space for LGBTQIA+ young people and their allies to meet, dunk biscuits in tea and make things

Facilitated by queer theatre maker Ella McCarthy (they/she), supported by Contact’s Engagement team.

Open Castle sessions are deliberately open. We will do a check-in and check-out, and provide a range of different activities and plenty of snacks. Some ideas of activities you might choose take part in:

- Crafting (disco ball keyrings, hama beads, crochet, badge making)

- Chatting with new or old friends

- Researching + writing (non-fiction, poetry, plays, short stories, collaborative writing)

- Homework/study space

- Drama, improvising or movement-based games

- Anything else (within reason!) you can think of

There’s no pressure to make or do anything. We're inviting you to come along, be yourself and see what happens.

Please note: Open Castle is a fully inclusive space. Everyone who comes to Open Castle self-identifies as either LGBTQIA+ or as an ally of the queer community. We celebrate trans and non-binary identities, are actively anti-racist, welcome people who identify as disabled and stand against all forms of discrimination.

These sessions are completely free, and open to LGBTQIA+ young people and their allies, aged 11 - 18.

For any questions about Contact and accessing our building, please reach out.