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Opera Singing - Level 2

Our Opera Singing Lessons - Level 2 are suitable for those with some understanding of singing technique, who wish to improve their existing skills and to explore a wide range of classical and operatic vocal music. This course focuses on developing classical vocal technique, stagecraft and performance skills.

Students will have the opportunity to learn a range of classical vocal music and the tools required to approach it. Even if you have never tried it before, these singing lessons will give you the experience and the skills required to start your journey into classical and operatic singing.

Our Opera and Classical Singing course is ideal for those who have some understanding of singing technique, and are looking to develop their understanding of classical vocal production and style.

The course will focus on solidifying technique, widening repertoire knowledge and developing the tone, style and performance skills needed for classical solo singing.

Course Content will include;

- Application of a range of vocal techniques and approaches required for classical and operatic singing.
- Developing your ability to sing in harmony within an ensemble
- Opportunities to sing solo pieces throughout the course
- Exploring songs and arias from a wide range of classical and operatic vocal works.
- Developing increased vocal confidence in technique and performance.
- Final informal sharing within class in which students will have the opportunity to share what they have learnt.

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