Experience Opportunity

Outdoor Arts Masterclass

From its roots in street arts, carnival, agitprop and radical theatre, Outdoor Arts draw on a rich and international heritage. With a strong idea and a playful approach to audience interaction it is possible to create a fun Outdoor Arts project on a budget. And the pay is often much higher than ITC minimums.

Join our team of Outdoor Arts experts as they discuss how to get into Outdoor Arts, the politics of making work in public spaces, how it is financed as an artform that is largely free to attend, and the freedom of making work that can be performed (almost) anywhere.

Roger Hartley will tell us how the Bureau of Silly Ideas' ever-increasing herd of radio-controlled street furniture - road-cones, wheelie bins and portaloos – is causing chaos across the UK. Liz Pugh will talk about her 30 years making work in public spaces from fire gardens to opening ceremonies, and how she persuaded a bank to finance the purchase of an old Norwegian ferry, to transform it into Europe’s first touring theatre ship.

This panel discussion will take place at the Bureau of Silly Ideas venue, Club Silly in Brixton.