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Page By Page - Creatives Course

Over three days you will work alongside a professional Director, Choreographer and Musical Director to discover the process of bringing a musical from page to stage.

You will begin by learning how the director (Alex Sutton) approaches and analyses the script. You will then take part in workshops led by Matt Cole (Choreography) and Katy Richardson (Musical Direction) to understand how the initial ideas can then develop during rehearsals. In small, collaborative groups, you will create your own theoretical production of "Our House". With input from Rebecca Brower, a professional Theatre designer, and working alongside a team of actors, you will bring your visions to life, culminating in a presentation of your ideas to your course leader and peers. As the final part of your process, you will understand how to run a tech and dress rehearsal by observing rehearsals for the NYMT production of “Our House” alongside the creative team at the Southwark Playhouse Elephant.

Dates: 19 to 21 August 2024

Location: London, Waterloo


This course is for 16 to 23 year-olds only.


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