Experience Opportunity

Set the Stage 2022

Study Experiences is absolutely delighted to offer a brand new, exclusive event, created specifically to support the teaching of Performing Arts at GCSE, BTEC and A level.

With interactive performance sessions, engaging talks, sound deck and lighting workshops, we will INSPIRE your students, ENCOURAGE them to embrace new experiences and environments, whilst giving educators the SUPPORT in helping the next generation succeed and grow in this amazing industry. Set The Stage for the next chapter of their lives by bringing them to this hugely beneficial and unmissable event.

To learn from a line-up of highly accredited professionals, hear incredible stories, explore new ideas and gain advice to inspire their future careers, will be not only be memorable, but it may even change the course of a student's future. Students can also showcase their talent and get constructive advice from professionals which is an incredible opportunity.

Designed in consultation with current Performing Arts teachers, Set The Stage focuses on bringing to life the key themes that feature in UK exam board specifications, immersing students in the world of performing arts over this fabulous interactive two-day event.

Bringing your learning goals to life by offering a hands-on experience we will:

- Take your students behind the scenes to learn about sound and lighting, literally setting the stage for a show

- Bring their own choreography to life onstage in front of a live audience of peers and experts

- Provide the opportunity to work and learn with choreographers, actors and technicians who have worked on famous productions.

Event speakers:

- Matthew Kelly, Performer

- Frantic Assembly, Theatre Company

- Ellen Kane, West End Choreographer

- Anna Jordan, Playwright

- Jessica Ronane, Casting Director

- Ryan McBride, Theatre Director

- Steve Mayo, Sound Engineer

In just two days your students will not only make memories and meet incredible people, but they will have the opportunity to find out the answers to those all-important questions like:

- How to succeed at a casting audition?

- What is it like to work backstage on a production?

- What are the recommended qualifications for a sound engineer?

- How do you start a career as a scriptwriter?

Our aim in hosting Set The Stage, is to familiarise students with the environments they’ll experience in real life, transporting them out of the classroom and into the theatre. This event is therefore setting the stage for their future.

Supporting your students to engage with their topic, offering an inclusive and encouraging environment, in which they are confident to ask their questions, discuss the various avenues they could explore beyond their school life, directly with the experts we hope to inspire their futures.

Spending time with a technician behind the scenes, could open their eyes to alternative opportunities for a career in the if they find they have a natural affinity for lighting or sound which they hadn’t previously had a chance to discover in the classroom environment.

Those dreaming of writing scripts or choreographing shows, have a unique opportunity to bring along their own work to receive constructive feedback from successful writers and choreographers.

Our goal is for students to take away the learning benefits gained during the two days, to shape their future career choices.