Experience Opportunity

Playwriting - An Introduction

Meeting once a week for eight intensive lessons at Central's main campus in Swiss Cottage, London, this playwriting course is an exciting opportunity to work with an established playwright to explore the fundamentals of writing a play.

You will cover

• finding your idea

• creating a structured plot

• developing a character

• creating dramatic action

• writing effective dialogue

• finding and nurturing your voice as a writer

• how to submit work to theatre companies and publishers

By the end of the course you will have the tools you need to continue on your playwriting journey and have ideas for your plot, a developed breakdown of your characters and a fully written and analysed first scene. You will also be introduced to the skills involved in redrafting your script and working with notes. In the final lesson, you will see your scene acted out by actors on one of our parallel courses.

If you go on to complete your play in your own time once the course has been completed, for an additional fee, you can submit your completed play to the tutor for written feedback. Alternatively, an advanced course is in preparation for Autumn Term 2019 where you can return to further your development of your play and take the next steps towards completing your script under the guidance of the tutor.