Experience Opportunity

Positive Stories Youth Board

Are you aged between 16-25, have a passion for theatre and are based in Scotland? We would love to hear from you!

Positive Stories for Negative Times is an international participatory project by Wonder Fools (co-commissioned by Traverse Theatre). We are now looking for young people based in Scotland who love making theatre to get involved and join the second cohort of our Youth Board, who truly are the driving force behind the project.

The Youth Board will be made up of young people across Scotland who would like to change the way theatre is commissioned for young people, make an impact on the way the project is run and contribute to our future work and programmes.

Members of the Youth Board will:

- Participate in a series of regular online workshops from January 2024 – August 2025 to develop their skills in dramaturgy, theatre-making, play reading, producing and working with playwrights.

- Collaborate with the commissioned playwrights to read, dramaturg and workshop their work.

- Stage an ambitious production of their chosen play.

- Contribute to the programming of the following year and how Wonder Fools is run in the future.

We welcome and encourage applications from all backgrounds and are seeking a Youth Board that is representative of the wide range of young people taking part in the project.