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RicNic Summer Musical Project

RicNic is a unique theatre project where young people run the whole show - staging a full-scale musical in which every role in the cast, crew, band & production team is taken by a young person aged 16-22. We are currently recruiting for our Production Team roles for our project in Burton on Trent in 2022, and would love for you to get involved!

Here at RicNic, we want to challenge young people to form their own theatre company. We will provide you with the training and mentoring to help you choose the show, plan the project, hold the auditions and run the rehearsals but every decision made will come from you. We are looking for a wide range of young people to fill our production team roles and bring different skills to the project. We are looking for producers, directors, musical directors, choreographers, technicians, designers and performers so whatever area of theatre you are interested in, there's a place at RicNic for you!

RicNic is completely FREE to attend and the final performances will be held at the Brewhouse Theatre in Burton on Trent in August 2022. Training for the production team will begin in January, but don't worry if you can't commit to the whole summer! All roles in the production team have different time commitments throughout the year, so feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

We are currently recruiting young people aged 16-22 for all roles within the production team to take on the challenge.

Interested? For more information and to sign up, email us or visit our website.

All applications for the 2022 Production Teams can be made online (to access the application form click the link below 'opportunity information').