Experience Opportunity

Script & Play Reading

Explore the exciting worlds of classic and contemporary theatre in Nonsuch Studios’ Theatre Book Club.

Anyone can read a play at home, but Script Reading at Nonsuch Studios brings to life the world of plays, the characters and plot, the people who wrote them and the world in which they were written. Through vibrant debate, chat and discussion we bring like-minded individuals together to explore the exciting world of classic and contemporary theatre.

In each four-week term we focus on a new play, asking questions, exploring themes and learning about the social and historical contexts of the drama, sparking exciting debate and discussion. What did the playwright want to express? Were they successful? What style did they use to convey their message? Do they still resonate with us today? The list is endless, but our aim remains the same, to create an open and inclusive space to read a play and voice our thoughts.

You’ll get the chance to read plays, test out scenes and discuss the action in friendly weekly sessions that will chart theatre through the ages, featuring the classic plays you know and the exciting ones you might not!

Sessions run in 4-week blocks on Thursdays 10.30AM – 12.00PM (unless stated otherwise).