Experience Opportunity


SPILL Viral is a new project aimed at young people (aged 18 – 25) who are interested in live performance, video making and creating content to be shared - both online and in real life. Over 6 weeks running up to SPILL 2023 and during the festival itself, SPILL Viral participants will create videos, images, memes, sound and other content that will reflect their interests and concerns with the world.

SPILL Viral aims to show how what we make and share online can be art!

The material we create will be shared on SPILL’s social media, as well as in ‘real life’ places such as our launch event ,and throughout the festival in our venues. We also aim to show the work in and around the town of Ipswich, making installations in interesting locations, and projections in unusual places. The thousands of visitors who experience SPILL Festival will become your audience!

Meeting over 6 weeks in August and September, we will use our Think Tank space as a laboratory for creation and experimentation, get handy with technologies of image creation (from using smartphones to specialised camera and recording equipment), and explore distribution and sharing to connect new users and audiences.

Activities will be led by SPILL’s Artistic Director, Robin Deacon, and a series of special guest artists who will guide participants through exciting and interesting workshops to generate material that will form an important part of the SPILL festival experience.

Application deadline: Midday, Thursday 1st June.