Experience Opportunity

Structure(s) - Demystifying How Stories Are Constructed (Online with Isley Lynn)

Wednesday 8th December 6.30PM - 9.30PM, on Zoom

How will it work?

We're surrounded by stories. We know now to tell them innately. So why is it sometimes so hard to talk about how the magic happens?

This workshop will demystify the S Word through seminar-style chat and writing exercises, giving you tools you need to understand structure and, more importantly, give your writing structure in a way which never feels formulaic.

Starting with the basics and working up complexity, Isley will share a range of methods for thinking abut structure, making connections between them as we go. We'll crack open formal and academic models so that they're accessible, equipping you to use whichever parts are most useful to your own dramatic writing, and enabling you to deviate from these confidently and creatively. By the end of the workshop you'll be armed with practical tools and familiar frameworks to identify and access what you already know instinctively.

Suitable for all levels and experiences, whether you want to develop a project already underway, use structural thinking to grow the seed of an idea and generate material, or just want to learn more about the architecture of stories.