Experience Opportunity

Summer Studios 2023

Summer Studios are free, 6-day residencies throughout August for artists; musicians, bands, producers, rappers and singers of all genres. The programme helps provide time for artists to create new work, develop their music or prepare for a performance. A one-week residency can provide a great kickstart or boost to a creative project.

This year’s Summer Studios will take place from 31 July– 12 August 2023, offering dedicated rehearsal space and facilities to artists for 6 days. As well as one-to-one sessions and masterclasses with music industry experts, artists also have the option to have a photoshoot and film a live session of one of their songs (watch previous live sessions here). Artists will be able to attend workshops on industry-relevant topics such as stage presence, management, funding and more. Last year’s workshops featured speakers from Sony Music, Arts Council and Bandcamp amongst others.

Summer Studios is for artists from all genres and backgrounds, at any career stage. Previous artists have included Martha Hill, Ross Millard (The Futureheads), Big Joanie, and Me Lost Me. (read blog by 2022 Summer Studios artist CHAINES here, and read Northern Echo interview with 2022 Summer Studios artist Daisy Chute here).

Please note that Summer Studios does not offer recording studios, but you are welcome to bring your own equipment and record on-site.

Everyone is welcome to apply, but we recognise that some communities have not been represented in our previous work. We want to make sure this opportunity is available to everyone, no matter what your background or the challenges you have faced. For example, we would love to hear from you if you:

- Are d/Deaf, have a disability, learning difficulty or significant long-term health condition which affects your daily life

- Describe yourself as neurodivergent (this might include dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, autistic spectrum, Tourette’s syndrome and others)

- Consider yourself to be from a working class background

- Received free school meals in secondary school

- Grew up in a family receiving Universal Credit or state benefits

- Have ever lived in council or social housing, been on the housing register

- Have ever lived in sheltered accommodation or experienced homelessness

- Attended a state-run school and were the first generation in your family to attend university

- Experienced being in care at any point

- Were a young parent or young carer

- Have been a refugee or asylum seeker

- Are from the African, South, East and South-East Asian, Middle East, Latinx or North African diaspora, or have experienced racism

These are some common examples of challenging circumstances but there may be others.

Please note, to apply you must be aged 18 and over on 31 July 2023 and be based in the UK.