Experience Opportunity

The Body (Youth Advisory Board and Young Creatives Programme)

We are now recruiting for new members of The Body for our 2022-23 cohort!

We invite young folk aged between 16 and 30 with an interest in the arts to work with us to ensure that our projects are fresh, interesting and representative of young people. You don’t have to be a dancer! We’d love input from all sorts of creatives with varied backgrounds and specialities.

In return, you’ll get free classes, talks and masterclasses, opportunities to perform in our shows, free training in everything from digital skills to CV writing, and you will be mentored by our amazing (and super, well-connected) team!

There are two different ways you can get involved with The Body:

The Youth Advisory Board

Would you like to help steer HMS Shaper/Caper? The Youth Advisory Board will be tasked with planning and organising a festival that showcases the work of young creatives. The group will be expected to meet regularly throughout the year and will work closely with the Shaper/Caper team.

The Young Creatives Programme

Would you like to get involved but are unable to commit to the responsibilities of the Youth Advisory Board? In the Young Creatives Programme you’ll still have access to our classes, masterclasses and talks.

Being a member of The Body will help you develop your communication, teamwork and organisational skills, as well as giving you the chance to gain confidence, meet new people and build your networks. We hope that members of The Body will become powerful advocates in their local communities.

Open for applications throughout September.