Experience Opportunity

Trainee Casting Assistant

This is a great opportunity to gain experience with three casting directors throughout the casting process for theatre, TV, film and commercial productions.

The Casting Director’s Guild internship works as a collaboration between independent casting offices who are all members of the CDG.

Drawing on years of artistic taste, imagination, knowledge, research and political expertise, established Casting Directors collaborate with Directors, Producers, Writers etc. to achieve the casting vision for the production.

It is a role that requires an understanding of psychology, artistic taste and style, interpretative taste, current and historical social politics; the ability to form collaborative relationships; and also, of course, knowing the different levels and styles of national and international actors and acting.

As an intern, you will spend 4 weeks working full-time in each of three separate offices (for a total of 12 weeks). These could be in different areas of casting such as theatre, TV, film and commercials. While host offices are subject to change, the three offices currently lined up for the internship cover TV (scripted), film and theatre.

This opportunity is only open to individuals from a group which is under-represented in the creative industries. This includes – but is not limited to – Black, Asian and ethnically diverse candidates, people with disabilities, individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and trans or non-binary people.

The successful candidate for this opportunity will also participate in a Creative Access support programme that sits alongside workplace training. This includes a programme of induction training, monthly masterclasses, wellbeing support, buddying / mentoring and more.