Experience Opportunity

In-Person and Virtual Auditions 2022

Fourth Monkey auditions are designed to be dynamic, supportive and personable.

We want all applicants to come away with a clear picture of who and what Fourth Monkey Actor Training is, feeling they have truly experienced our school and its training philosophy; and, most importantly, that they have the opportunity to be seen by us and demonstrate their skill and passion at audition through workshops, performance and interview.

Taking place over the course of a full day, our auditions are designed to work with applicants on their performance of text, their vocal and physical suitability, plus their individual drive to train professionally, as well as adhere to the rigours of professional actor training. It is also designed to give each applicant equal opportunity to ensure that Fourth Monkey will offer the most suitable approach to training for them.

The audition experience itself begins with a full ensemble warm-up and workshop, followed by a selection of physical workshops and exercises to give everyone a chance to familiarise themselves with our approach to actor training.

Applicants will then perform their chosen monologues to the panel and re-work at least one of their chosen speeches, working one-on-one with the panel member. This is intended to enable us to play with the speech and to further explore the choices an applicant has made, as well as give an insight into who they are as an actor and performer.

We offer a choice of audition formats, to ensure everyone is able to attend in a way that suits their personal circumstances. Applicants can select an in-house audition day at the Monkey House, our London training base, a virtual audition, or an audition day in selected locations across the UK