Experience Opportunity

Vocals and Performance with Cass Ezeji

This workshop is for aspiring or beginner vocalists and requires no formal training. Cass Ezeji will lead the group in elements of voice and performance, from warming up the vocal cords, breathing exercises, to thinking about what performance means to each individual. Together, we will work with different interpretations of a song. You will also learn microphone technique and vocal effects, to give you the confidence you need going forward.

This session will be held at Maryhill Community Central Hall in the Grovepark Hall, on the first floor. Details on venue accessibility are available to view.

We can reimburse travel costs for to and from the venue on the day, please bring the receipt/ticket.

Applicants should be aged 16-30 and face barriers to creative opportunities.

Spaces are limited so please only apply if you are available on the date.