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Voice for Performance: An Introduction (online)

Voice for Performance: An Introduction (online)

Voice is integral to all performance from performing as a character on stage, to presenting as yourself in a business context.

In this practical, online course, discover how unlocking your voice can help you to increase in confidence and bring new depth and integrity to your performance.

At the end of the course you will be invited to perform a poem and an acting monologue/public speech, to apply your learning in context.

Please note: due to the nature of voice work, the course contains a certain amount of floor work (especially in the first few sessions). You will need to have room to lie down and we recommend having a yoga mat or towel to hand for your comfort.

Who is this course suitable for?

- Anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills

- Actors who want to explore the use of voice in performance

- Anyone wanting to embark on a journey of vocal development

- Voice Practitioners who want a solid base from which to specialise

Please note, this course does not cover accent work