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Writing Workshops with Martha Loader, Steve Waters and James McDermott

These workshops part of the Eastern Angles Young Creatives programme. Whether you’re an early career artist looking to upskill yourself, or perhaps you’ve never been to the theatre before and just want to flex your creative muscles, we've got you covered.

Writing with Martha Loader, Steve Waters and James McDermott:

Writing 1: Creating Characters with Martha Loader (21st March)

Central to any good play are the characters, and the journey each of them go on over the course of the story. How do you create believable, compelling characters full of depth and dimensions? How do you give your actors enough to explore without being dogmatic in setting out who your characters are? How do you build personalities that feel real, that an audience can invest in? In this workshop award-winning playwright Martha Loader explores the essentials to creating characters.

Writing 2: The Shape of Stories with Steve Waters (4th April)

This workshop will explore how to tell a story for the theatre - where to begin and end, what is an act, what is a scene and how does it all hang together. Hands-on, practical and revealing Steve will draw on decades of writing and teaching to help you find the right shape for the stories you want to tell.

Writing 3: Dramatic Dialogue with James McDermott (25th April)

In this interactive writing workshop, local scriptwriter James McDermott (Rubber Ring,Time & Tide, EastEnders) will teach tools and techniques to help you write active, characterful, distinct, multi-tasking dialogue. Exercises will explore dramatic action, subtext, dialect, sociolect and idiolect.

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