Experience Opportunity

Young Actors' Workshops

A programme of four courses. You can apply to one or more Young Actors courses.

Young Actors is a programme designed to stretch your abilities and widen your experience. There are four courses over two weeks, each costing £910.

Students can opt to do either one week or two. In week one, choose between Exploring Shakespeare or Stage Presence; and in week two, choose between Contemporary Text or Devising.

Maybe you are thinking of applying to drama school, or perhaps you have a more general interest in theatre and storytelling: either way, prepare to be challenged by spending a week gaining a taste of classes in a leading drama school. Under the guidance of RADA’s expert faculty, you will gain physical confidence, vocal assurance; and deepen your understanding of acting and playmaking.

Course list:

Young Actors: Exploring Shakespeare (Monday 18 - Friday 22 July)

Young Actors: Stage Presence (Monday 18 - Friday 22 July)

Young Actors: Contemporary Text (Monday 25 - Friday 29 July)

Young Actors: Devising (Monday 25 - Friday 29 July)

Entry requirements:

- No audition/some selection possible.

- Applicants must be aged between 16 and 18 at the start of the course. Students aged 16 or 17 will need additional permission from a parent or guardian. Please see relevant section on the application form.

- Please remember that, although there is no upper age limit, this is a physically demanding course. While any specific needs will be taken fully into account, participants must be reasonably fit.

Who are these courses suitable for?

- Younger actors who may not have any prior experience.

- Those who wish to learn more about Shakespeare, stage presence, contemporary text or devising

- Those wanting learn to develop their movement and voice