Experience Opportunity

Zoom Workshops: Gym Jam: Power Up and Play With Gavin Maxwell and William Townsend

Gym Jam's Power-Up and Play workshops are a series of snappy quick fire drop-in sessions designed to retain, recharge and recalibrate your physical theatre making and devising muscles.

Each session will host an inclusive and playful warm-up, guided explorative movement and task-based provocations to build layered movements sequences. There will be space to test and play with work created, we will also encourage moments of individual exploration so you aren't 'glued to the screen' for the entire session.

We will work to acknowledge and fully embrace the platform - Zoom - with the aim of sparking creativity using these restrictions as rules that can liberate industrious practice and thinking. The room will be 'open' from 10:30 with the intention to start at 10:40. We wish to give participants the opportunity to check-in and join the space with ample time to decompress and connect.

We will also factor a short time at the end for questions and the opportunity to check-out between 11:50-12:00. There is no obligation to have your camera turned on during the session, especially if it liberates you to move more freely.