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AMPLIFY is a training and mentoring programme produced by Tangle. Since 2018 it has provided 20+ paid placements in education, technical and producing. AMPLIFY builds the skills of marginalised creatives, nurturing new leadership and better sector representation.

Championing inclusivity, AMPLIFY incorporates both online and work-based training. It is primarily aimed at freelance professionals at any career stage. It is driven by our AMPLIFY community – an evolving cohort of sector support organisations, alumni, Associate Artists and leading industry experts.

AMPLIFY offers paid mentoring and workplace training across 5 areas of practice:

Production Management

Stage Management

Lighting Design

Sound Design

Technical Producing & Construction

AMPLIFY is open to UK residents aged 18 and over with some training and/pr professional experience in one of the following areas: Production Management, Stage Management, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Technical Producing and Construction.