Funding Opportunity

Match/Play - Artist Callout

£750 artist commission callout for six creatives that identify as Black British or British African heritage.

MATCH/PLAY is a one-off birthday gift to six creatives based in Watford and the South East. The winners will be matched into pairs with an artist/creative from a completely different discipline, and each receive a £750 commission to push the boundaries of what theatre is and present their work to their local communities. Supported by the Genesis Foundation’s Kickstart Fund. 

At tiata fahodzi, we believe in the importance of owning and redefining the title ‘artist’ and our goal with this initiative is to push the boundaries of what theatre is and where it can happen. To bring tf MATCH/PLAY to life, we’re excited to see cross-discipline collaborations that are unique and offer a new and different perspective on creativity. For example, a poet and musician might come together in Watford to produce a street theatre performance, or a playwright and a sound designer might be matched to create an interactive audio piece to be played in a community centre in Luton. 

Our mission is to foster a collaborative partnership between artists from various disciplines as opportunities are rare to learn from one another and strengthen our own practices.

Each artist will receive a £750 commission which consists of a £500 fee and an additional £250 for any materials and expenses. At its culmination, the final pieces will be showcased within the artists local communities with support from the tiata fahodzi team by October 2022. We will accept artists applying as a duo or as individuals.