Funding Opportunity

Public Engagement Fund

The Public Engagement Fund looks for creative approaches to engage the public. Projects of applicants must support the public engagement goals of the fund and should do at least one of the following

- Empower people by helping them to access, use, respond to, and/or participate in health research and innovation

- Improve health research by making it more people-centred, to better understand people’s experiences and draw on that knowledge

- Help people to value and think critically about science, health research, innovation and the role these play in society.

The project will take place in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Low- and middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and East Asia and Pacific. The level of funding is between £25,000 to £3 million and can be funded up to 3 years.

Most of the proposals received are for £25,000 to £100,000. If your proposal falls into this range then you must meet the criteria closely to be competitive, be clear about the change you want to achieve, and include a well-considered delivery plan.

We can only support a few grants of between £100,000 and £250,000 each year, so your proposal must aim to bring about significant change. Where possible, it should be backed by evidence, such as a pilot with positive results.

Occasionally, grants are made of over £250,000, where projects have the potential to bring about major, sustainable change. These might be capital projects, ambitious rollouts, or work that could influence the perspectives and actions of a large audience or group of participants.

Since 2018, grants under £25,000 are no longer accepted.

Your costs should be justifiable and appropriate for your proposed activities.

The fund supports:

- Salaries

- Fees for other people who are essential to the proposal, such as consultants and artists

- The costs of temporary replacement staff to enable a person who already has a salary to allocate time to work on the project

- The costs of promoting access or increasing diversity and inclusion, eg the costs for any community partners to help deliver the project

- Materials and consumables

- Equipment

- Production costs, including marketing

- Development, including building and refurbishment

- Travel and subsistence relevant to the proposal

- Evaluation and dissemination of the work

- Contingency

- Organisational overheads

- Other costs